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The following is a partial list of publications which have used data from the Ocean Productivity site

Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres, 2024

W Liu, W Wang, Y Han, Y Li, Z He, Z Zhao, L Sheng

Contribution of Smoke Aerosols From Wildfires in Indo-China Peninsula to the Western Pacific Ocean Carbon Sink

Progress In Oceanography, 2024

M Tozawa, D Nomura, K Yamazaki, M Kiuchi, D Hirano…

Oceanographic factors determining the distribution of nutrients and primary production in the subpolar Southern Ocean

Climate Dynamics, 2024

F Tian, RH Zhang

Persistent warming and anomalous biogeochemical signatures observed in the Northern Tropical Pacific Ocean during 2013–2020

The Sea, Journal of the Korean Society of Oceanography, 2024

D Hahm, I Lee, M Choo

Estimation of the Spring and Summer Net Community Production in the Ulleung Basin using Machine Learning Methods

EGUsphere Discussion, 2024

LC Meiritz, T Rixen, AK van der Plas, T Lamont…

The influence of zooplankton and oxygen on the particulate organic carbon flux in the Benguela Upwelling System

Marine Pollution Bulletin, 2024

MW Seok, YH Ko, KT Park, TW Kim

Possible enhancement in ocean productivity associated with wildfire-derived nutrient and black carbon deposition in the Arctic Ocean in 2019–2021

Science Advances, 2024

M Körner, P Brandt, S Illig, M Dengler, A Subramaniam…

[PDF] Coastal trapped waves and tidal mixing control primary production in the tropical Angolan upwelling system

Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 2024

VJ Amaral, PJ Lam, O Marchal, JA Kenyon

[PDF] Cycling Rates of Particulate Organic Carbon Along the GEOTRACES Pacific Meridional Transect GP15

Remote Sensing of Environment, 2024

J Wu, Z Lee, J Goes, H do Rosario Gomes, J Wei

Evaluation of three contrasting models in estimating primary production from ocean color remote sensing using long-term time-series data at oceanic and coastal sites

Limnology and Oceanography, 2024

N Baetge, KH Halsey, JR Graff, B Ver Wey

[PDF] Physiological and interspecific factors determine diel changes in phytoplankton bio-optical properties

Paleoceonography and Paleoclimatology, 2024

X Zhou, S Duchamp‐Alphonse, F Bassinot, C Liu

Summer and Autumn Insolation as the Pacemaker of Surface Wind and Precipitation Dynamics Over Tropical Indian Ocean During the Holocene: Insights From Paleoproductivity Records and Paleoclimate Simulations

Sustainability of Southern African Ecosystems under Global Change, 2024

T Rixen, N Lahajnar, T Lamont, R Koppelmann…

[chapter] The Marine Carbon Footprint: Challenges in the Quantification of the CO2 Uptake by the Biological Carbon Pump in the Benguela Upwelling System

Environmental Sciences Proceedings, 2023

KC Saddi, L Yap-Dejeto

Remote Sensing Biological Pump Potential: A Plankton Spatio-Temporal Modelling in the Philippine Seas

IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, 2023

T Prayogo, H Harsa, S Sulma, E Yati, S Marpaung…

[PDF] Fishing Ground and Primary Production Analysis Based on DNB SNPP-VIIRS and Aqua-MODIS Imagery in Mentawai Island and Nias Waters

Korean Journal of Remote Sensing, 2023

YJ Kim, D Bae, J Im, S Jung, M Choo, D Han

[PDF] Classification of Carbon-Based Global Marine Eco-Provinces Using Remote Sensing Data and K-Means Clustering

Dalhousie University Master's Thesis, 2023

A Stoer

[PDF] Estimating marine phytoplankton biomass and productivity from autonomous profiling floats

Marine Pollution Bulletin, 2023

Y Kim, A Mo, MW Seok, JY Jeong, JH Noh, J Jeong…

Comparison of inorganic nitrogen concentrations in airborne particles at inshore and offshore sites in the Yellow Sea (2017–2019): Long-range transport and potential impact on marine productivity

Environmental Research Letters, 2023

X Niu, Y Chen, C Le

Northeast Pacific marine heatwaves associated with high-latitude atmospheric blocking

Progress In Oceanography, 2023

AP Vijayan, S Kurian, D Joseph, M Dixon, H Kankonkar…

Variation of amino acid in the sinking particulates in the northeastern Arabian Sea and the northern Bay of Bengal

Journal of Marine Systems, 2023

AN Sarmiento-Lezcano, G Aceves-Medina…

Composition and distribution of the zooplankton community along the west coast of Baja California peninsula and its relationships with the environment variables

Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers, 2023

X Guo, J Xu, J Wang, Y Zhao, G Li, J Xu, Y Zhang…

Spatial lithological heterogeneity of the deep-sea sediments and its controlling factors in the northern West Caroline Basin, tropical West Pacific

Marine Chemistry, 2023

W Bam, B Gasser, K Maiti, I Levy, JC Miquel…

Particulate organic carbon export fluxes estimates by 234Thsingle bond238U disequilibrium in the oxygen minimum zone off the Peruvian coast

Science of the Total Environment, 2023

P Dalpadado, MK Roxy, KR Arrigo, GL van Dijken…

Rapid climate change alters the environment and biological production of the Indian Ocean

Dynamics of Phytoplanktonic Primary Productivity in the Indian Ocean, pp 207–244, 2023

SP Tiwari, S Kolluru

[chapter] Understanding Primary Productivity in the Indian Ocean Using Bio-Optics and Remote Sensing

Oceanology, 2023

AA Latushkin, PA Salyuk, VV Suslin, OV Martynov

A Regional Algorithm for Calculating the Thickness of the Photic Zone from the Vertical Profile of the Beam Attenuation Coefficient with a Case Study of the Northwestern Weddell Sea

Environmental Science & Technology, 2023

M Liu, H Zheng, M Cai, KMY Leung, Y Li, M Yan…

Ocean Stratification Impacts on Dissolved Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs): From Global Observation to Deep Learning

Paleobiology, 2023

LA Calderaro, PG Harnik, MC Rillo

Environmental correlates of molluscan predator–prey body size in the northern Gulf of Mexico

Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 2023

EC Laurenceau‐Cornec, M Mongin, TW Trull…

Concepts Toward a Global Mechanistic Mapping of Ocean Carbon Export

International Journal of Remote Sensing, 2023

R Kalita, AA Lotliker

Assessment of satellite-based Net Primary Productivity models in different biogeochemical provinces over the northern Indian Ocean

Ecological Indicators, 2023

Z Mo, H Xu, Z Wu, D Fu

Variability of the phytoplankton biomass in the southwestern Bay of Bengal from 2003 to 2018

Biogeochemical, Ecological, and ... Chapter, 2023

T Ikenoue, S Otosaka, MC Honda, M Kitamura …

Neocalanus cristaltus (Copepoda) From a Deep Sediment-Trap: Abundance and Implications for Ecological and Biogeochemical Studies

Current Biology, 2023

TW Washburn, E Simon-Lledó, GY Soong, A Suzuki

[PDF] Seamount mining test provides evidence of ecological impacts beyond deposition

Journal of Marine Systems, 2023

MB Bif, JS Long, KS Johnson

Seasonality modulates particulate organic carbon dynamics in mid-latitudes of South Pacific and South Atlantic Oceans

Earth System Science Data - Discussion, 2023

TJ Ryan-Keogh, SJ Thomalla, N Chang, T Moalusi

[PDF] A new global oceanic multi-model net primary productivity data product

Research in Agricultural and Applied Economics, 2023

Y Lu, S Yamazaki

[PDF] Behavioural impact of marine protected areas in international waters: evidence from Antarctica

Communications Earth and Environment, 2023

IB Arzeno-Soltero, BT Saenz, CA Frieder, MC Long…

Large global variations in the carbon dioxide removal potential of seaweed farming due to biophysical constraints

Progress In Oceanography, 2023

M Couret, JM Landeira, ÁS del Pino…

A 50-year (1971–2021) mesozooplankton biomass data collection in the Canary Current System: Base line, gaps, trends, and future prospect

EGUsphere Discussion, 2023

CC Douglas, N Briggs, P Brown, G MacGilchrist…

Exploring the relationship between sea-ice and primary production in the Weddell Gyre using satellite and Argo-float data

Marine Ecology Progress Series, 2023

MF Sigler, CN Rooper, P Goddard, R Wilborn…

Alaska deep-sea coral and sponge assemblages are well-defined and mostly predictable from local environmental conditions

Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers, 2023

S Kaiser, A Brandt, S Brix, N Brenke, K Kürzel…

Community structure of abyssal macrobenthos of the South and equatorial Atlantic Ocean - Identifying patterns and environmental controls

Journal of the EGU - Biogeosciences, 2023

A Gerotto, H Zhang, RH Nagai, HM Stoll, RCL Figueira…

[PDF] Fossil coccolith morphological attributes as a new proxy for deep ocean carbonate chemistry

Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries, 2023

Y Zhao, Y Li

Spatial disparity of fishing activities overlapping the abrupt shifts for marine net primary production

Limnology and Oceanography, 2023

M Kahru, Z Lee, MD Ohman

[PDF] Multidecadal changes in ocean transparency: Decrease in a coastal upwelling region and increase offshore

Science, 2023

K Westberry, MJ Behrenfeld, YR Shi, H Yu, LA Remer…

Atmospheric nourishment of global ocean ecosystems

Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, 2023

J Li, X Cui, F Tang, W Fan, Z Han, Z Wu

Effects of Kuroshio and Mesoscale Eddy on Fishing Ground Gravity of Neon Flying Squid Ommastrephes bartramii in Northwest Pacific Ocean

Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers, 2023

F Girard, SY Litvin, A Sherman, P McGill, C Lovera…

Epibenthic faunal community dynamics and seasonal species turnover in a deep-sea coral ecosystem

Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, 2023

Q Fu, X Yan, Q Hong, L Lin, Y Zhang

Variability of the Primary Productivity in the Yellow and Bohai Seas from 2003 to 2020 Based on the Estimate of Satellite Remote Sensing

Journal of the EGU - Biogeosciences, 2023

J Hieronymus, M Hieronymus, M Gröger, J Schwinger…

[PDF] North Atlantic patterns of primary production and phenology in two Earth System Models.

Limnology and Oceanography Letters, 2023

BB Cael, K Bisson, E Boss, ZK Erickson

[PDF] How many independent quantities can be extracted from ocean color?

Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 2023

B Sridevi, S Sabira, V Sarma

Impact of ocean warming on net primary production in the northern Indian Ocean: role of aerosols and freshening of surface ocean

Remote Sensing, 2023

L Xu, H Yu, Z Chen, W Du, N Chen, C Zhang

Monthly Ocean Primary Productivity Forecasting by Joint Use of Seasonal Climate Prediction and Temporal Memory

Remote Sensing, 2023

M Zainuddin, S Safruddin, A Farhum, B Budimawan…

[PDF] Satellite-Based Ocean Color and Thermal Signatures Defining Habitat Hotspots and the Movement Pattern for Commercial Skipjack Tuna in Indonesia Fisheries Management Area 713, Western Tropical Pacific

Science of the Total Environment, 2023

Y Zhang, Y Bai, X He, T Li, Z Jiang, F Gong

Three stages in the variation of the depth of hypoxia in the California Current System 2003–2020 by satellite estimation

Marine Ecology Progress Series, 2023

EL Wagner, SF Pearson, TP Good, PJ Hodum…

Resilience to a severe marine heatwave at two Pacific seabird colonies

Journal of Geophysical Research - Oceans, 2023

DC McKee, SC Doney, A Della Penna, ES Boss…

Biophysical Dynamics at Ocean Fronts Revealed by Bio-Argo Floats

Marine Environmental Research, 2023

Y Zang, H Chen, Y Zhuang, R Ge, W Wang, G Liu

Latitudinal transition of epipelagic mesozooplankton in the northwestern Pacific in winter

Geophysical Research Letters, 2023

B Wang, K Fennel

[PDF] An Assessment of Vertical Carbon Flux Parameterizations Using Backscatter Data From BGC Argo

Progress In Oceanography, 2023

S Kurian, DM Shenoy, VP Akhi, PM Kessarkar…

Spatial and seasonal variations in the particulate sinking flux in the Bay of Bengal

Atmospheric Environment, 2023

B Jiang, Z Xie, A Chen, W Gu, X Wu, Y Cao, F Yue…

Effects of atmospheric oxidation processes on the latitudinal distribution differences in MSA and nss-SO42- in the Northwest Pacific

IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 2023

L Song, Z Lee, S Shang, B Huang, J Wu, Z Wu, W Lu…

On the Spatial and Temporal Variations of Primary Production in the South China Sea

Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 2023

T Chen, J Zheng, T Li, X Shi, LF Robinson, M Wang…

Thorium isotope evidence for glacial–interglacial dust storminess and productivity in the North Pacific gyre

Earth-Science Reviews, 2023

TK Westberry, GM Silsbe, MJ Behrenfeld

Gross and net primary production in the global ocean: An ocean color remote sensing perspective

Frontiers in Marine Science, 2022

S Paradis Vilar, M Arjona, M Goñi, A Palanques…

[PDF] Contrasting particle fluxes and composition in a submarine canyon affected by natural sediment transport events and bottom trawling

Journal of the EGU - Biogeosciences, 2022

N Le Grix, J Zscheischler, KB Rodgers, R Yamaguchi…

Hotspots and drivers of compound marine heatwaves and low net primary production extremes

Limnology and Oceanography Letters, 2022

AC Stoer, K Fennel

Estimating ocean net primary productivity from daily cycles of carbonbiomass measured by profilingfloats

ICES Journal of Marine Science, 2022

Y Zhao, Y Li

Impact of fisheries footprint on an early warning indicator of resilience reduction in marine net primary productivity

Nature Geoscience, 2022

C Amano, Z Zhao, E Sintes, T Reinthaler, J Stefanschitz… 

Limited carbon cycling due to high-pressure effects on the deep-sea microbiome

Fisheries Oceanography, 2022

MAK Lavery, CN Rooper, K Sowada, K Fenske, V Kulik… 

Effects of oceanography on North Pacific armorheadrecruitment in the Emperor Seamounts

Journal of Marine Systems, 2022

D Qiao, Y Wang, J Yu, B Liu, J Wu, H Ge, Y Wei, Y Xu

Distinct differences in surface-water dissolved organic matter between the East China Sea and Okinawa Trough: Source and hydrological effects

Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 2022

B Espinasse, A Sturbois, SL Basedow, P Hélaouët…

[PDF] Temporal dynamics in zooplankton δ13C and δ15N isoscapes for the North Atlantic Ocean: Decadal cycles, seasonality, and implications for predator ecology

Limnology and Oceanography, 2022

M Gómez‐Letona, J Arístegui…

[PDF] Surface productivity gradients govern changes in the viability of deep ocean prokaryotes across the tropical and subtropical Atlantic

Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 2022

F Girard, SY Litvin, A Sherman, P McGill, A Gannon…

Phenology in the deep sea: seasonal and tidal feeding rhythms in a keystone octocoral

Paleoceonography and Paleoclimatology, 2022

X Zhou, S Duchamp‐Alphonse, M Kageyama…

Variations of Primary Productivity in the Northwestern Arabian Sea During the Last 23,000 Years and Their Paleoclimatological Implications

"> Tipping points of marine phytoplankton to multiple environmental stressors

Nature Climate Change, 2022

Z Ban, X Hu, J Li

Tipping points of marine phytoplankton to multiple environmental stressors

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2022

M Gupta, RG Williams, JM Lauderdale, O Jahn, C Hill…

Dynamics and functional diversity of the smallest phytoplankton on the Northeast US Shelf

Aquatic Conservation, 2022

SL Huang, H Wu, Q Li, TA Jefferson, M Chen, C Peng…

Conservation planning for threatened marine megafauna: Moving forward with a better approach

EcoHealth, 2022

T Roost, JA Schies, M Girondot, JP Robin, P Lelong…

Fibropapillomatosis Prevalence and Distribution in Immature Green Turtles (Chelonia mydas) in Martinique Island (Lesser Antilles)

Progress In Oceanography, 2022

AN Sarmiento-Lezcano, G Busquets-Vass…

Active flux seasonality of the small dominant migratory crustaceans and mesopelagic fishes in the Gulf of California during June and October

PLoS ONE, 2022

MJ Behrenfeld, KM Bisson, E Boss, P Gaube…

Phytoplankton community structuring in the absence of resource-based competitive exclusion

Ohio State University Dissertation, 2022

JE Kim

[PDF] Reconstructing biological and chemical changes in the tropical Pacific using bio-barium and pelagic barite

Limnology and Oceanography, 2022

B Wang, K Fennel

[PDF] Biogeochemical-Argo data suggest significant contributions of smallparticles to the vertical carbonflux in the subpolar North Atlantic

Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 2022

LA Arteaga, MJ Behrenfeld, E Boss, TK Westberry

Vertical Structure in Phytoplankton Growth and Productivity Inferred From Biogeochemical-Argo Floats and the Carbon-Based Productivity Model

Limnology and Oceanography Letters, 2022

B Yang, F Gomez, C Schmid, M Baringer

In situ estimates of net primary production in the open-ocean Gulf of Mexico

Earth System Dynamics Discussion, 2022

H Li, T Ilyina, T Loughran, A Spring, J Pongratz

[PDF] Reconstructions and predictions of the global carbon budget with an emission-driven Earth System Model

University of Tasmania, 2022

Y Lu, S Yamazak

[PDF] Fish to fight: does catching more fish increase conflicts in Indonesia?

Quaternary Science Reviews, 2022

X Jin, W Ma, C Liu

Origin of the long-term increase in coccolith size and its implication for carbon cycle and climate over the past 2 Myr

Journal of Marine Systems, 2022

J Villegas-Mendoza, E Goméz-Ocampo…

Microbial metabolic activity in two basins of the Gulf of Mexico influenced by mesoscale structures

Progress In Oceanography, 2022

JE Tesdal, HW Ducklow, JI Goes, I Yashayaev

Recent nutrient enrichment and high biological productivity in the Labrador Sea is tied to enhanced winter convection

Journal of the EGU - Biogeosciences, 2022

Z Shao, YW Luo

Controlling factors on the global distribution of a representative marine non-cyanobacterial diazotroph phylotype (Gamma A)

Nature Geoscience, 2022

M Messié, A Petrenko, AM Doglioli, E Martinez…

Basin-scale biogeochemical and ecological impacts of islands in the tropical Pacific Ocean

Harmful Algae, 2022

MJ Lima, P Relvas, AB Barbosa

Variability patterns and phenology of harmful phytoplankton blooms off southern Portugal: Looking for region-specific environmental drivers and predictors

Scientific Reports, 2022

CR Tandule, MM Gogoi, RG Kotalo, SS Babu

On the net primary productivity over the Arabian Sea due to the reduction in mineral dust deposition

Remote Sensing, 2022

C Wardell, VAI Huvenne

Broadscale Landscape Mapping Provides Insight into the Commonwealth of Dominica and Surrounding Islands Offshore Environment

Remote Sensing of Environment, 2022

Z Li, W Yang, B Matsushita, A Kondoh

Remote estimation of phytoplankton primary production in clear to turbid waters by integrating a semi-analytical model with a machine learning algorithm

Journal of Marine Systems, 2022

J Zeng, C Liu, X Li, H Zhao, X Lu

Comparative study of the variability and trends of phytoplankton biomass between spring and winter upwelling systems in the South China Sea

Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography, 2022

CCG Bamford, JA Jackson, AK Kennedy, PN Trathan…

Humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) distribution and movements in the vicinity of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands Marine Protected Area

Marine Biology, 2022

JC Rodríguez-Villalobos, A Ayala-Bocos…

Potential distribution of White Syndrome in scleractinian corals in the eastern tropical Pacific

Earth-Science Reviews, 2022

BB Jørgensen, F Wenzhöfer, M Egger, RN Glud

Sediment oxygen consumption: Role in the global marine carbon cycle

Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 2022

EY Kwon, M Holzer, A Timmermann, F Primeau

Estimating Three-Dimensional Carbon-to-Phosphorus Stoichiometry of Exported Marine Organic Matter

The Marine Microbiome, 2022

SB Joye, MW Bowles, K Ziervogel

Marine Biogeochemical Cycles

Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers, 2022

H Qu, J Wang, Y Xu, J Xu, X Li

Radiolarian assemblages controlled by ocean production in the western equatorial Pacific

Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 2022

M Nowicki, T DeVries, DA Siegel

Quantifying the carbon export and sequestration pathways of the ocean's biological carbon pump

Frontiers in Marine Science, 2022

RAI Koungue, P Brandt, J Lübbecke, A Prigent…

[PDF] The 2019 Benguela Niño

Communications Biology, 2022

P van der Sleen, PA Zuidema, J Morrongiello, JLJ Ong…

Interannual temperature variability is a principal driver of low-frequency fluctuations in marine fish populations

Biogeosciences Discussions, 2022

Z Shao, YW Luo

[PDF] Controlling factors on the global distribution of a representative marine heterotrophic diazotroph phylotype (Gamma A)

Envirnomental Research Letters, 2021

S Brune, MEC Espejo, DM Nielsen, H Li, T Ilyina…

[PDF] Oceanic Rossby waves drive inter-annual predictability of net primary production in the central tropical Pacific

Ecography, 2021

MC Rillo, S Woolley, H Hillebrand

[PDF] Drivers of global pre-industrial patterns of species turnover in planktonic foraminifera

Ostrich, 2021

R Nussbaumer, M Gravey, A Nussbaumer, C Jackson

Investigating the influence of the extreme Indian Ocean Dipole on the 2020 influx of Red-necked Phalaropes Phalaropus lobatus in Kenya

Science China Earth Sciences, 2021

W Ma, P Xiu, Y Yu, Y Zheng, F Chai

Production of dissolved organic carbon in the South China Sea: A modeling study

Movement Ecology, 2021

S Dodge, M Toka, CJ Bae

DynamoVis 1.0: an exploratory data visualization software for mapping movement in relation to internal and external factors

Limnology and Oceanography, 2021

L Li, Y Luo, M Kienast, D Qi, J Tjiputra

On the sedimentary carbonate accumulation and dissolution in Western Pacific marginal basins

Aquatic Conservation, 2021

SL Huang, X Wang, H Wu, C Peng, TA Jefferson

Habitat protection planning for Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins (Sousa chinensis) in deteriorating environments: Knowledge gaps and recommendations for action

Quaternary Research, 2021

X Wu, A de Vernal, B Fréchette, M Moros, K Perner

The signal of climate changes over the last two millennia in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, eastern Canada

Earth System Science Data: Discussions, 2021

JD Sharp, AJ Fassbender, BR Carter, PD Lavin…

[PDF] A monthly surface pCO2 product for the California Current Large Marine Ecosystem

Regional Studies in Marine Science, 2021

L Pelayo-González, E González-Rodríguez…

California sea lion population decline at the southern limit of its distribution during warm regimes in the Pacific Ocean

Science of the Total Environment, 2021

Y Wang, HH Chen, R Tang, D He, Z Lee, H Xue…

[PDF] Australian fire nourishes ocean phytoplankton bloom

Progress In Oceanography, 2021

P Dalpadado, KR Arrigo, GL van Dijken…

Warming of the Indian Ocean and its impact on temporal and spatial dynamics of primary production

Nature, 2021

W Tang, J Llort, J Weis, MMG Perron, S Basart, Z Li…

Widespread phytoplankton blooms triggered by 2019–2020 Australian wildfires

Journal of Biogeography, 2021

D Pantiukhin, D Piepenburg, MLS Hansen, C Kraan

[PDF] Data-driven bioregionalization: A seascape-scale study of macrobenthic communities in the Eurasian Arctic

Journal of Marine Systems, 2021

S Czudaj, R Koppelmann, C Möllmann, M Schaber…

Community structure of mesopelagic fishes constituting sound scattering layers in the eastern tropical North Atlantic

Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 2021

OS Ashford, S Guan, D Capone, K Rigney, K Rowley…

Relationships between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning proxies strengthen when approaching chemosynthetic deep-sea methane seeps

Nature Geoscience, 2021

KS Johnson, MB Bif

Constraint on net primary productivity of the global ocean by Argo oxygen measurements

Progress In Oceanography, 2021

Y Xu, Y Wu, H Wang, Z Zhang, J Li, J Zhang

Seasonal and interannual variabilities of chlorophyll across the eastern equatorial Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal

Geophysical Research Letters, 2021

Z Tu, C Le, Y Bai, Z Jiang, Y Wu, Z Ouyang, WJ Cai…

Increase in CO2 uptake capacity in the Arctic Chukchi Sea during summer revealed by satellite-based estimation

Arabian Journal of Geosciences, 2021

VK Vase, N Ajay, R Kumar, S Ramanathan…

Temporal dynamics of primary productivity in the north-eastern Arabian Sea: an evaluation of ocean color models

Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 2021

X Lu, C Liu, Y Niu, S Yu

Long-term and regional variability of phytoplankton biomass and its physical oceanographic parameters in the Yellow Sea, China

Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 2021

M Romagosa, S Pérez-Jorge, I Cascão, H Mouriño…

[PDF] Food talk: 40-Hz fin whale calls areassociated with prey biomass

Regional Studies in Marine Science, 2021

Y Niu, C Liu, X Lu, L Zhu, QW Sun, S Wang

Phytoplankton blooms and its influencing environmental factors in the southern Yellow Sea

Biodiversitas Journal of Biological Diversity, 2021

ARS Putri, M Zainuddin, M Musbir, R Hidayat…

[PDF] Mapping potential fishing zones for skipjack tuna in the southern Makassar Strait, Indonesia, using Pelagic Habitat Index (PHI)

Journal of Water Resources and Ocean Science, 2021

AÂA Langa

[PDF] Seasonal and Spatial Variability of Primary Production in the Mozambique Channel

Frontiers in Marine Science, 2021

D Chattopadhyay, D Sarkar, M Bhattacherjee

[PDF] The Distribution Pattern of Marine Bivalve Death Assemblage From the Western Margin of Bay of Bengal and Its Oceanographic Determinants

Limnology and Oceanography, 2021

I Fernández‐Urruzola, O Ulloa, RN Glud, MH Pinkerton…

[PDF] Plankton respiration in the Atacama Trench region: Implicationsfor particulate organic carbonflux into the hadal realm

Science of the Total Environment, 2021

MW Seok, D Kim, GH Park, K Lee, TH Kim, J Jung…

Atmospheric deposition of inorganic nutrients to the Western North Pacific Ocean

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions, 2021

SA Simu, Y Miyazaki, E Tachibana, H Finkenzeller…

[PDF] Origin of water-soluble organic aerosols at the Maïdo high-altitude observatory, Réunion Island in the tropical Indian Ocean

Regional Studies in Marine Science, 2021

CO Jo, J Ryu, SY Woo, WJ Lee, HW Kim, YS Choi

Estimation of ocean export production ratios based on mixed layer depth and satellite chlorophyll observations

Zooplankton Ecology Chapter, 2021

D Boltovskoy, N Correa

Planktonic Shelled Protists (Foraminifera and Radiolaria Polycystina)

Marine Micropaleontology, 2021

S Bonomo, K Schroeder, A Cascella, I Alberico, F Lirer

Living coccolithophore communities in the central Mediterranean Sea (Summer 2016): Relations between ecology and oceanography

Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers, 2021

W Bam, K Maiti

210Po-210Pb distribution and carbon export in the northern Gulf of Mexico continental slope

Fish and Fisheries, 2021

ML Li, Y Ota, PJ Underwood, G Reygondeau, K Seto…

Tracking industrial fishing activities in African waters from space

AACL Bioflux, 2021

R Hidayat, M Zainuddin

[PDF] Characteristics of skipjack tuna fisheries using FAD and non-FAD methods: an important step for fisheries management in The Gulf of Bone and Flores Sea, Indonesia

Science of the Total Environment, 2021

C Hu, M Wang, BE Lapointe, RA Brewton…

On the Atlantic pelagic Sargassum's role in carbon fixation and sequestration

Bio Archive preprints, 2021

C Serra-Pompei, BA Ward, J Pinti, AW Visser…

[PDF] Zooplankton trophic dynamics drive carbon export efficiency

Progress In Oceanography, 2021

Q Hong, S Peng, D Zhao, P Cai

Cross-shelf export of particulate organic carbon in the northern South China Sea: Insights from a 234Th mass balance

University of Hamburg Dissertation, 2021

NC Harms

[PDF] The SouthIndian Ocean –Biogeochemical studies on water masses, nutrient and stable isotope distribution, and particulate matterin an oligotrophic ocean region

Eco Evo Archive preprints, 2021

F Mattei, M Scardi

[PDF] Collection and analysis of a global marine phytoplanktonprimary production dataset

Journal of Geophysical Research - Biogeosciences, 2021

B Yang, J Fox, MJ Behrenfeld, ES Boss, N Haëntjens…

In Situ Estimates of Net Primary Production in the Western North Atlantic With Argo Profiling Floats

Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, 2021

P Lerner, A Romanou, M Kelley, J Romanski, R Ruedy…

[PDF] Drivers of Air-Sea CO2 Flux Seasonality and its Long-Term Changes in the NASA-GISS Model CMIP6 Submission

Aquatic Conservation, 2021

CC Wang, Y Xu, N Li, C Peng, H Wu, SL Huang

Seasonal distribution of the Indo‐Pacific humpback dolphins: Implications for coastal habitat management

Marine Ecology Progress Series, 2021

JA Black, AB Neuheimer, PL Horn, DM Tracey…

[PDF] Environmental, evolutionary, and ecological drivers of slow growth in deep-sea demersal teleosts

Journal of Wildlife Management, 2021

MT Tinker, JL Yee, KL Laidre, BB Hatfield, MD Harris…

[PDF] Habitat Features Predict Carrying Capacity of a Recovering Marine Carnivore

Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 2021

Y Huang, D Nicholson, B Huang, N Cassar

[PDF] Global estimates of marine gross primary production based on machine-learning upscaling of field observations

Biogeosciences, 2021

SW Leung, T Weber, JA Cram, C Deutsch

Variable particle size distributions reduce the sensitivity of global export flux to climate change

Springer Praxis Books, Geophysical Sciences, 2020

IS Robinson

Discovering the Ocean from Space: The unique applications of satellite oceanography

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The rocky road from research to operations for satellite ocean-colour data in fishery management

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