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Welcome to the NPP Products path. Here you can access ocean net primary production (NPP) data for alternative NPP algorithms and using either SeaWiFS, MODIS or VIIRS data. You will also find visual comparisons of NPP algorithm products at different temporal scales (e.g., annual, monthly), brief descriptions of each algorithm, and code for your own algorithm implementation. To navigate the NPP Products page, begin by selecting one of the top-level tabs located above (i.e., Online Data, Visual Comparision, Model Description, Code).

To proceed directly to online data, simply click on one of the NPP images below. The first image will provide access to the standard VGPM algorithm products, the second gives NPP estimates from the Eppley-VGPM, the third gives access to NPP data from the updated (spectrally-resolved and depth-resolved) Carbon-based Production Model-2 (CbPM2), and the fourth from the absorption based CAFE Model. The CAFE Model is also spectrally-resolved, as well as being both depth- and time-resolved.

Please note that the standard VGPM had been referred to here as the "Standard" product, and the other models were refered to as "Custom" products. All models are now regularly produced as input data become available. The VIIRS-based CAFE model is expected to be brought online with the next VIIRS reprocessing.

Online products are provided at 8day and monthly time periods, and cover both (1080 x 2160) and (2160 x 4320) global grids in hdf format.

MODIS based estimates, from mid-2002 to present (April, 2004 shown below)
Standard VGPM Eppley-VGPM updated CbPM CAFE
SeaWiFS based estimates, from late 1997 - 2007 (April, 2004 shown below)
Standard VGPM Eppley-VGPM updated CbPM CAFE

VIIRS based estimates, from 2012 to present (April, 2016 shown below)
Standard VGPM Eppley-VGPM updated CbPM

Last modified: 24 June 2022
by:  Robert O'Malley

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