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#include <math.h>


double opp_befa( double chl,
                 double irr,
                 double sst,
                 double dayL ) {

   !Description:     opp_befa - computes daily primary productivity using
                     the Behrenfeld-Falkowski (BeFa) algorithm.  The BeFa
                     algorithm estimates productivity using surface chl
                     (mg m-3), surface irradiance (Einsteins m-2 d-1),
                     sea surface temperature (C), and day length (hours).
		     Pb_opt is modelled as a polynomial function of SST.

   !Input Parameters:  
      chl            Chlorophyll_a surface concentration in milligrams
                     chlorophyl per cubic meter
      irr            Photosynthetically available radiation in Einsteins per
                     day per square meter
      sst            Sea surface temperature in degrees Centigrade
      dayL           Length day in decimal hours.

   !Output Parameters: 
      <return>       Primary productivity in milligrams Carbon per square meter
                     per day

   !Revision History:  

      First programmed up by Monica Chen at Rutgers
      Revised by K. Turpie at NASA 
      (August 1997)
      Maintained by Don Shea at NASA
      Now maintained by Robert O'Malley at Oregon State University  
      (April, 2005 - present)

   !References and Credits
      Behrenfeld,M.J; Falkowski,P.G.; 1997. Photosynthetic Rates Derived
      from Satellite-Based Chlorophyll Concentration.  Limnology and 
      Oceanography, Volume 42, Number 1
   double chl_tot,

   /* Calculate euphotic depth (z_eu) with Morel's Case I model.            */
   /* Calculate chl_tot from Satellite Surface Chlorophyll Data.            */

   if (chl <  1.0L) 
     chl_tot = 38.0L * pow( chl, 0.425L );
     chl_tot = 40.2L * pow( chl, 0.507L );

   z_eu = 200.0L * pow( chl_tot, (-.293L) );

   if (z_eu <= 102.0L) 
     z_eu = 568.2L * pow( chl_tot, (-.746L) );

   /* Calculate the Pb_opt from satellite sea surface temperature (sst).    */
   if (sst < -10.0L) 
     pb_opt = 0.00L; 
   else if (sst <  -1.0L) 
     pb_opt = 1.13L; 
   else if (sst >  28.5L) 
     pb_opt = 4.00L;
   else {
     pb_opt = 1.2956 + 2.749e-1*sst + 6.17e-2*pow(sst,2) - 2.05e-2*pow(sst, 3)
       + 2.462e-3*pow(sst,4) - 1.348e-4*pow(sst,5) + 3.4132e-6*pow(sst,6) 
       - 3.27e-8*pow(sst,7);

   /* calculate the irradiance function */
   irrFunc = 0.66125L * irr / ( irr + 4.1L );

   /* Return the primary production calculation.                            */
   npp = pb_opt * chl * dayL * irrFunc * z_eu;

   return npp;

Last modified: 26 May 2022
by:  Robert O'Malley

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